Recording your flock

There are several systems of record keeping available depending on your requirements. Some, such as the Signet system are computerised or a simple card system may be perfectly adequate for your needs. The Association can help assess your needs or even supply you with a card system.

It is essential that records be kept with regard to the sire and dam of offspring and that lambs are given an individual identity number to ascertain this. A “year letter” is used to identify the year of birth (e.g. the letter Z for 2001) followed by the individual identity number. This enables any animal’s blood line to be traced back. This can be done by either tagging or tattooing – if members choose to tattoo it is an Association requirement that the member’s Society Flock number be tattooed onto one ear and the year letter appertaining to the year of their birth and individual number in the other ear. If members choose to tag, the members Society flock number and year letter must be included on the tag.

In addition to recording the sex, identity and parentage of an animal any additional information can be added such as birth details or medication. Weights can also be recorded to ascertain performance with regard to Sires, and this will enable you to build an accurate profile of each animal and ascertain its costing and viability within the flock.

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