Creating your flock

If you are to be involved with sheep for the first time or are considering a change of breed, it is of utmost importance that you choose a breed that has potential but is also easy to manage. Take a close look at your locality and the land on which you keep your livestock, and any other farming/recreational facilities with which you are involved. It is imperative that your sheep fit your requirements whether they be location, economic or personal preference as to type. If you require a sheep to fit in with your dairy system or for the full utilisation of buildings or pasture then look no further. The Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset Sheep is an obvious choice for virtually any sheep enterprise large or small as it is so adaptable and will dovetail into any existing system. Lambing can take place at any time of year to suit your requirements due to the frequent breeding characteristic of both the ewes and the rams. The lambs are early maturing and require little extra feeding to obtain “finished weights”.

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