Royal Bath & West Show 2023 National Show

Judge: Mr Rowland Davies

Interbreed Champion: R & R Hole
Interbreed Champion Group of Six: R & R Hole, Miss L Crowther, Mrs E Crosfield, and Mr G Jones
Breed Champion: R & R Hole
Reserve Breed Champion: Mrs A James
Champion Male: Mrs A James
Reserve Champion Male: Mr G Jones
Champion Female: R & R Hole
Reserve Champion Female: Mr G Jones
Best Horn Exhibit: Miss L Crowther
Best Opposite Sex to Champion: Mrs A James
Sherborne Flock Trophy: Mr G Jones (Breeder with the highest number of points

From left, Rob Hole, Sophie Hole, and Judge Rowland Davies, with the 2023 Overall Interbreed and National Show Champion, Sherborne Eucalyptus

From left, Alex James, and Judge, Rowland Davies, with the Reserve Breed Champion, Champion Male, and Best Opposite Sex to the Champion

From left, Geraint Jones, Judge, Rowland Davies, and Tomi Hughes, with the Reserve Champion Female, and Reserve Champion Male

From left, Judge, Rowland Davies and Matthew Gray, with the Best Dorset Horn Exhibit

Tomi Hughes, winner of the young handler class, 10 years & under, with Judge, Rowland Davies

Interbreed Group of Six winners

Ram, 2 shear or over: 1. Mr G Jones 2. Miss L Crowther 3. Mr & Mrs S Warring 4. Mrs T Wall

Shearling Ram: 1. Mrs A James 2. Mrs E Crosfield 3. Miss L Crowther 4. R & R Hole 5. Mr G Jones 6. G & J Hutchings

Ram Lamb: 1. R & R Hole 2. Mrs A James 3. Mr G Jones 4. Miss L Crowther 5. Mrs E Crosfield 6. Mr P Brooks

Aged Ewe: 1. Mr G Jones 2. Tucker & Jesse (Master A Jones) 3. Master J Potter 4. G & J Hutchings 5. Mr R Huxter 6. Master J Pyatt

Shearling Ewe: 1. R & R Hole 2. Mrs E Crosfield 3. Master J Potter 4. Master J Sparks 5. Miss E Wright 6. R &R Hole

Ewe Lamb: 1. Miss L Crowther 2. Mr G Jones 3. Master J Sparks 4. Mrs A James 5. Mrs E Crosfield 6. Mrs A James

Pair of Sheep: 1. Mr G Jones 2. R & R Hole 3. Mrs E Crosfield 4. Mrs A James (Opposite sexes) 5. Master J Sparks 6. Master J Pyatt 3

Group of Three: 1. Mrs A James 2. Mrs E Crosfield 3. Master J Sparks 4. R & R Hole

5. Mr G Jones 6. Miss J Jones

Young Handlers: 1. Master J Sparks 2. Master J Potter 3. Master J Pyatt

(11 – 16 years of age)

Young Handler: 1. Master T Hughes 2. Miss E Hutchings 3. Miss P Davies

(10 years & under) 4. Miss E Davies 5. Miss F James

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